Exclusive Sustainability Video: Net Zero and Planet Forum

Beccy Speight (RSPB), Sven Wiltink (Radisson Hotel Group), Matt Bell (YLPP), Steve Smith (Schneider Electric) on net zero and planet at Sustainability LIVE

One of the key things we learned at Sustainability LIVE London was about diversity. Less in the modern sense, but more focused on the varying opinions and practices of different organisations. This sparks new methods of decarbonising and, at the show, there were also a variety of thought leaders with different approaches to reducing human impact on the planet. 

With that said, the Net Zero & Planet Forum, showcased exactly that—diversity of views and opinions on sustainable action. Of course there was more to it than simply highlighting different approaches, but here is the opening of the talk that really set the scene for the full discussion.  

Joining panel, to discuss the importance of net zero and the means of reducing carbon emissions globally, were:

Sustainability LIVE London | Sven Wiltink (SW), Global Senior Director Sustainability, Radisson Hotel Group

A varying degree of strategies towards net-zero emissions

What are some of the most impactful strategies that companies can adopt to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve net zero emissions?

SW: “It starts with education, at least from a sustainability point of view, perhaps not so much because we know what we're talking about, at least we think we do. But addressing net zero to the board, that was a challenge. So there starts a strategy. How are you going to communicate? How are you going to educate the different stakeholders in your business?”

Sustainability LIVE London | Beccy Speight (BS), Chief Executive Officer at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

BS: “Net zero is enormously important and very challenging, which we could hear from what you were saying, but we've got to look at the climate and the nature crisis together. They interlink. They interlink, they can help each other, but if we don't tackle both, we are stuffed. We could get to net zero and we could still be stuffed because our ecosystems have been destroyed around us.”

Sustainability LIVE London | Matt Bell (MB), Founder of YLPP

MB: “Our problem at the moment is we see everything through the mechanism of the ripe brain and science and ultimately it's about our behaviours. It's about our values, it's about the choices everybody makes. It's a culture issue. And when you look at nearly everybody's net zero carbon pathway, the culture is completely absent from it. Nobody knows you've got a sustainability world here and a culture world here. Nobody knows each other. You might be swimming in different pools completely.”

Sustainability LIVE London | Steve Smith (SS), Head of Global Marketing: Energy Management Thought Leadership and Communications at Schneider Electric

SS: “I talk about the flip side of a coin that when people think about decarbonising energy, which is [responsible for] 80% of the world's carbon, everybody traditionally thinks about the supply side. And that's quite right because it's the thing you automatically think, well, if I can switch from fossil fuel supplies to renewable electricity, then that's great, I'm doing a big piece of it. But actually in our own research where we look at how we get to net zero by 2050, that's just half of it. 45% of the solution in fact is supply. 55% is on demand.”


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