WeAre8 and Ad Net Zero aim for carbon neutrality

By John Pinching
Sustainable Ad Platform WeAre8 joins Ad Net Zero to ensure every brand’s 2022 digital media spend is carbon neutral

The sustainable advertising platform, WeAre8, has strengthened its commitment to the planet by joining Ad Net Zero – the UK advertising industry's initiative to respond to the climate crisis caused by CO2 emissions.
With aims to overhaul the digital advertising ecosystem to create urgent environmental change and inspire positive social impact, WeAre8's commitment to Ad Net Zero comes weeks before the COP26 summit in November 2021 and follows the IPCC report that showed humans' role in climate warming is 'unequivocal’. 
A recent Ad Net Zero report revealed that the average annual IPA agency operational CO2 emissions is over 84,000 tonnes. Ad Net Zero's ambition is to work with the UK advertising industry to drive carbon-curbing policies throughout the ad ecosystem to strengthen and extend the sector's response to our shared challenge.
The WeAre8 technology enables brands to deploy their digital ad spend in a more effective and sustainable way. By shifting just 5.6% of their digital media budget through the WeAre8 platform, brands reach and engage their consumers directly and ensure their entire digital spend is carbon neutral. Through its national partnership with EE and BT, WeAre8 is mobilising millions of people and making it easy for them to save the planet in 2 minutes a day.  
"We need urgent and radical collaboration between brands and millions of people if we are going to save our precious planet,'' said Sue Fennessy, CEO and Founder at WeAre8. “Our platform makes it easy for brands to shift their ad dollars in a way that is not just more effective and cost efficient, but is transformationally better for the planet. We are delighted to partner with Ad Net Zero and leading brands to provide them with a practical solution to support their sustainability and business commitments." 
Stephen Woodford, Chief Executive at Ad Net Zero said: "We're thrilled to have WeAre8 join the Ad Net Zero supporter group. We're calling on the UK advertising industry to work together to drive carbon-curbing policies throughout the advertising ecosystem, and we believe that the sustainable media platform, WeAre8, can be a significant part of the solution."
Scientists agree that we have less than 8 years to save the planet, but it's what we do in the next 18 months that will determine our commitment to the collective fight against climate change.


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