Microsoft and Accenture: inspired by CSR

By William Girling
In a press release, Accenture revealed that an upcoming collaboration with Microsoft would be putting the spotlight firmly on social impact. The partne...

In a press release, Accenture revealed that an upcoming collaboration with Microsoft would be putting the spotlight firmly on social impact.

The partnership hopes to provide resources to social enterprises championing CSR and sustainability that will allow them to develop their operations, using a variety of scalable solutions and business models.

Microsoft Research India and Accenture Labs will assist startups in producing software, test concepts, conduct research and construct a broader vision of goals that they would like to achieve. 

Realising the potential for technology to positively impact the lives of millions of people globally, the two companies are excited by the prospect of taking part in important projects.

Enabling meaningful innovation

Stating his belief that social enterprise startups possess a passion for effecting real change, Jean-Philippe Courtois, Exec VP and President of Microsoft Global SM&O, said that empowering these companies would have a remarkable impact.

“Startups in the social impact and sustainability space are among the world’s most inspiring organizations. 


“Microsoft’s collaboration with Accenture offers us an opportunity to empower these startups so they can use technology to make an even greater impact in addressing many of the world’s most pressing challenges,” he said.

The partnership will place a special emphasis on agriculture, education and healthcare across Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Microsoft will be contributing as part of its ongoing Global Social Entrepreneurship programme, aimed at empowering tech companies to address social and environmental challenges.

Meanwhile, Accenture’s participation comes as a result of its Tech4Good, which is exploring the use of new and in-development technologies to solve complex social problems.

Accelerating social transformation

“Our experience shows that by applying emerging technologies to critical challenges facing society, we can accelerate social transformation,” commented Paul Daugherty, Group CEO and CTO of Accenture. 

“By providing social impact entrepreneurs with direct access to the combined power of Accenture and Microsoft’s technology expertise, we can help significantly improve access, equality, inclusion, education, health, sustainability, and the environment.”


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