EV Cargo drives decarbonisation of ABInBev distribution

Debbie Oram, Account Director at EV Cargo, discusses its partnership with AB InBev, which is driving sustainable transport of the brewer’s products

The consumer goods industry is increasingly reliant on its logistical capabilities and, with almost a third of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions coming from transportation, this is a major area to be optimised and decarbonised to meet climate change targets. 

Large companies like AB InBev, the largest brewer in the world, must take into account all areas of their supply chains to ensure complete transparency and guarantee action to mitigate risks to the climate. This is particularly important when it comes to logistics as significant innovation is required to make a sustainable transition to low-carbon alternative solutions. 

Speaking with Debbie Oram, Account Director at EV Cargo, she delves into the company’s focus on sustainability, the support for its partnership with AB InBev and how it has helped reduce carbon emissions associated with the brewer’s distribution operations. 

As a member of the EV Cargo senior management  team, Oram oversees the account for AB InBev at EV Cargo, which covers logistics and warehousing solutions in the UK, as well as global supply chain and related technology solutions for the world’s leading brands. Its operations span 120 countries and the business is passionate about reducing its environmental impact and developing its social responsibility and business governance while operating as a global logistics and technology platform. 

“EV Cargo puts technology and advanced analytics at the heart of its operation model, with its customer experience underpinned by world class technology and innovation, as well as a focus on developing sustainable and responsible business practices,” Oram says. 

EV Cargo promotes a sustainable future 

In discussing the topic of sustainability with Oram, it’s clear how it has become embedded in the organisation’s overall operation and is driving its work with partners. 

“Our sustainability strategy is driven from the top, with CEO Heath Zarin and the sustainability committee responsible for all sustainability practices across the business,” says Oram.

“We have appointed a Chief Sustainability Officer, Dr Virginia Alzina, with board level accountability for delivering a clear and ambitious sustainability strategy built on three key pillars: people, planet and profit,” explains Oram. 

EV Cargo is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It was one of the first organisations to endorse a global memo of understanding at COP26 to achieve 30% zero-emission new truck vehicle sales by 2030, increasing to 100% by 2040. It is participating in the UN’s Science Based Targets initiative for reducing emissions and committing to targets that will support the ambitions of limiting global warming.  EV Cargo is also working towards carbon neutrality across Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030, which it aims to achieve by implementing an ambitious decarbonisation roadmap.

As a critical logistics partner of AB InBev, EV Cargo carries more than 65% of its current capacity across the UK, with further capabilities around Western Europe. 

“EV Cargo has led the introduction of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel, a direct replacement for traditional diesel, at Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I, part of AB InBev. Distribution trucks at Budweiser’s Magor brewery in Wales switching to the replacement fuel delivered an immediate 92% reduction in CO2 emissions. Further rollouts are planned at additional logistics hubs across the network,”says Oram.  

“We have a key strategic objective embedded into operational and commercial routines to maximise sustainability goals and deliver ongoing performance improvements for both EV Cargo and its customers.”



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