Lifetime of Achievement: Sir James Dyson

Solving Life Problems for Decades, Sir James Dyson Most Recently Devoted his Energy and Expertise to Reducing Climate Impact Through Technology Innovation

Who can imagine a world without vacuum cleaners or electric hair dryers? Not to mention mains-powered fans as climate temperatures soar. These are some of the staple appliances found today in every home and retail store. 

We’re not here to discuss the origins of appliances, though, but instead pay homage to one of the most influential people in this space – British inventor and sustainability-conscious businessman James Dyson, a man with an affinity for low-material, responsibly designed and built products. 

But there is more to his story than the innovations we see from the Dyson brand today. 

James grew up a boy of intrigue and exploration, in a place not too far from the origins of this very magazine. Born in 1947 in Cromer, Norfolk (a small, farming county in the UK), James studied at Gresham’s school. Following a traumatic period in his life, devastated by the death of his father when he was nine, James was granted a bursary to remain at the school.

In 1965, he went to Byam Shaw School of Art before venturing into architectural design at the Royal College of Art, clearly recognising a desire to design and build at an early stage. This part of his life sparked creative thinking, which led James to pursue many inventions, starting with a uniquely designed mushroom-shaped theatre for Joan Littlewood. 

In efforts to gain funding for the project, he was redirected by the British inventor Jeremy Fry to design a high-speed landing craft, the Sea Truck. 

Making of revolutionary products with sustainable accolades 

Fast forward to 1978 and his attention to waste was becoming clear. Using powdered paint to spray metal components, James was frustrated by the amount of powder wasted in the process, leading him to investigate ways to reduce this. 

Later, he built a 25ft cyclone vacuum inspired by a local timber mill, which never clogged and would minimise the wasted materials of his making. It wasn’t long before James recognised a further application for his design, marking a pivotal moment in the history of household appliances. He condensed his technology down into the first Dyson home vacuum cleaner, bringing industrial-scale innovation into a more compact form for all to use. 

This was a real turning point for his career. It was the product that inspired James to create the Dyson brand featured in stores today, and spurred him to deliver streamlined electronics and silent, powerful airflow fans and hairdryers, to name a few of Dyson’s most significant products. 

Since then, James has not faltered in his passion for innovation. Committed to strategic trial and error, the Dyson brand continued to roll out further groundbreaking inventions, each more efficient than the last, and some in a completely new category – like the 2020 Dyson battery-electric vehicle (BEV). 

The car was inspired, like many new EVs, by the reality that car fumes are bad for people’s health. Dyson was exposed to studies that assessed the impacts of diesel fumes on mice and rats, which translates into humans. 

As one might expect from the design aficionado, and his team, the EV was built from scratch, meaning parts were not acquired from other manufacturers. 

“I’ve always been horrified, even as a child, by the cloud of black smoke that would emerge from the back of vehicles,” James says in an article by Dyson. “We put together an exceptional team, built world-class facilities, and developed a radical car which was loaded with technology.”

As a naturally inquisitive person, James has never failed to see the bigger picture. He’s a problem-solver, risk-taker, and confident that the foundations of his knowledge built an organisation that will continue to drive change across the globe – to develop world-class electronics that improve the lives of many. 


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