Major Momentum in Sustainability Hires

Major Momentum in Sustainability Hires
Last Year was a Significant One for Sustainability Among Corporations, with Still Many New Hires Yet to Cover as ESG Commitment Grows
Joe Speicher

1. Joe Speicher

Job From: Executive Director of the Autodesk Foundation 

Job To: Chief Sustainability Officer at Autodesk 

Since June 2014, Joe Speicher has been part of the Autodesk leadership team. He joined the company as Executive Director of the Autodesk Foundation, a philanthropic organisation offering design and engineering to non-profits, where he has spent a significant part of his Autodesk journey. 

In recent years, Speicher rose in the ranks to Vice President in April 2022, adding in the Chief Sustainability Officer role in July 2023. 

An activist for social and environmental change, Speicher sees design as a way to contribute to the world’s most impactful initiatives. This drive is sparked by a career packed with achievements spanning various impact areas – from his work with the Peace Corp in 2003, to founding Ground to Grounds a decade later. 

Add to this, his extensive corporate and political experience, with previous roles at Deutsche Bank, The Economist Intelligence, and the Center for Responsive Politics.

Marie Luchet

2. Marie Luchet 

Job From: Managing Director, Head of ESG UK & Europe at ACA Group

Job To: Head of ESG & Sustainability for AXA IM PRIME 

In May 2023, Marie Luchet moved to a new role as the Head of ESG & Sustainability for AXA IM PRIME — part of AXA Investment Managers. 

Previously, Luchet worked with various companies in the field of responsible investment and ESG integration. Her sustainability expertise spans automotive – having worked for PSA Peugeot Citroen, as well as ECOFI INVESTISSEMENTS, and Principles for Responsible Investment. 

Much of her work has been advising in this field across Europe with a strong focus on developing internal sustainable culture and leveraging ESG data.

Molly Betournay

3. Molly Betournay

Job From: Director of Social Research and Shareholder Advocacy at Clean Yield Asset Management

Job To: Director of ESG Research at Invesco Ltd

Following the departure of Sudip Hazra in June 2023, Molly Betournay joined Invesco as the new Director of ESG Research. Prior to a previous position at Clean Yield Asset Management, Betournay was the Director of ESG Research at Pathstone Federal Street.

Andrew Bowley

4. Andrew Bowley 

Job From: Sustainability Governance Officer at Nomura

Job To: International Head of Sustainability at Wells Fargo

Newly appointed in November 2023, Andrew Bowley shifted from Nomura, a financial holding company headquartered in Japan, to the International Head of Sustainability role at Wells Fargo. Bowley has held many positions in financial organisations over the years, including as VP of JP Morgan in 1995 and Assistant Manager at KPMG in 1991. Now he leads responsible practices for Wells Fargo and strategic initiatives across the APAC and EMEA regions.

Mads Steinmüller

5. Mads Steinmüller

Job From: Chief ESG Specialist at Danske Bank

Job To: Head of Danske Bank’s Climate and Nature team

Danish ESG specialist Mads Steinmüller is set to continue his great work for Danske Bank, moving into the Head of Climate and Nature role. Prior to working at the bank, he was a Credit Analyst and Investment Advisor at Handelsbanken and, before that, a Student Assistant at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council.

Andrea Lemaitre

6. Andrea Lemaitre

Job From: Researcher at the University of Miami

Job To: Sustainability Manager for the City of Colorado Springs 

Joining Coral Springs in April 2023, Andrea Lemaitre manages sustainability, balancing current and future environmental, social, financial, and operational needs. She oversees the Sustainability Action Plan (SAP), educates, develops policies, coordinates city projects, and collaborates with the local community and external organisations for sustainability initiatives.


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