Vaayu and Klarna enable consumers to watch carbon footprint

By Cameron Saunders
The climate technology and financial services company will introduce tools that allow the consumer to follow the environmental lifecycle of their purchases

The fight against  wasteful, carbon-intensive fashion is becoming more sophisticated. One example of this shift is the recent announcement from financial services company Klarna that it will partner with climate technology company Vaayu to provide “in-depth product carbon footprinting for over 50 million fashion products.”

The integration of these two platforms is meant to empower the customer to make smart decisions on its carbon footprint. As Salah Said, the head of sustainability at Klarna, put it: “The data couldn’t be clearer – more and more shoppers demand transparency into the environmental impact of their purchases. But in order for consumers to make considered choices, they require unbiased and reliable information that they can understand.” 

According to the plan, Vaayu’s technology and Klarna’s CO2e tracker will work together to calculate emissions for fashion product purchases in real time. As well,  it applies to the entire lifecycle of a product: from the procurement of raw materials to product assembly, down to the delivery to the user. 

The move will hopefully positively affect the purchasing choices of Klarna’s 150 million customers, making them more conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases. 

Said went on: “By feeding Vaayu’s rich and granular data into our CO2e tracker, we give shoppers even deeper and clearer insights into the Co2e footprint of their purchases, empowering them to vote with their wallets and enact real change.”

Catching up with the consumer

The new technology comes into a world where shoppers are increasingly focused on the sustainability of their purchases. According to data recently released by Klarna, 58% of shoppers are after information concerning the environmental impact of purchases; a further 34% believe brands should act environmentally responsibly, while 22% are cognizant of the impact delivery options have. 

CEO and co-founder of Vaayu Namrata Sandhu noted these concerns when explaining the partnership: “The world is currently at an inflection point. Climate change is the biggest threat our planet faces and we need to address it with the urgent action it requires. 

“But to make an impact, both retailers and consumers alike need to have access to accurate carbon data to make better decisions. Vaayu’s world-first technology provides robust carbon emissions insights for Klarna and empowers its customers with meaningful information on the carbon impact of their purchases.”


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