International Mid-Life Women in Business Expo 2021

By Helen Adams
Female entrepreneurs launch International Women in Mid-Life Day and Expo to change the perception of older women in business and society

A group of female entrepreneurs have announced the launch of International Women in Mid-life Day and annual Expo, on 21st October. 

The event has been launched to support and empower women in business, over the age of 40. 

The Expo is a one-day virtual event, designed specifically for women over 40 who need inspiration, guidance and business services, to find the perfect career match or business support and advice. 



For women over 40, inclusive business opportunities call

The event will be held on International Women in Mid-life Day and will help women to:

  • Find their passion
  • Explore opportunities
  • Become financially self-sufficient 


The initial concept came from Business Mentor, Moira Doherty, 63, who is a huge campaigner for support and recognition of ‘Women in Mid-life’ and this has evolved into the creation of the international awareness day and Expo. 

“There is nothing out there for women who are over 40”, said Moira. “For so many they feel that their role is wife, mother, daughter, sister, granny, carer, rather than independent businesswoman. They don’t feel they have anything to contribute to society and in particular to the business world.”

Moira will run the events, along with:

  • Denise Ferguson, 40, a Commercial Property Surveyor, who has been running her own practice in St Albans for almost ten years, negotiating leases for salon owners, alongside advising the British Government on their property portfolio. 
  • Sharon Murray, 53, who lives in Northern Ireland and started her Virtual Assistant business two years ago at the age of 51. She coaches entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners on how to attract clients on LinkedIn.
  • Nicola Toner, 50, is a Business Planning Expert, Crowdfunding Mentor and certified Project Manager. She has a long history of business planning and has worked for huge corporations and successfully managed many clients including John Lewis, RoadChef and BHS since becoming self-employed at 38. 



Motivation for women in business

Moira has been an entrepreneur for many years, has been campaigning and supporting female entrepreneurs in their ‘mid-life’ to become successful businesswomen and gain financial freedom and security for their futures.

She is the founder of the WOWS Collective (Wonderful Older Women Succeeding) and is passionate about leaving a legacy that will support women to create the life they desire and one that makes them feel valued for years to come.

“Creating a modern cultural image for women in Mid-life is good for society, good for the economy and good for women of all ages”, said Moira.



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