Engie — An ambition to provide low-carbon electricity

In an increasingly polluted world, Engie is in the business of providing the world with low-carbon electricity

Engie SA is a French energy and services group based in La Défense, Courbevoie, which, according to its website, operates "in the three key business sectors of low-carbon electricity generation (with particular emphasis on natural gas and renewables), energy infrastructures and customer solutions".

Engie claims to help its "customers to use energy more efficiently and reduce their CO2 emissions" as the world's top independent power producer. It takes pride in the fact that 90% of the energy it produces is low in CO2 emissions, of which 23% are generated using renewables. Currently, it holds 24 million contracts and operates 350 district heating and cooling systems worldwide.

Engie is 2021's No. 1 clean energy producer

Strategic analyst for the energy transition BloombergNEF named Engie the number one clean energy developer for 2021 in terms of signed Corporate Power Purchasing Agreements (CPPA). Per September last year, Engie had signed 1.3 gigawatts of solar and wind power in CPPAs since the start of the year. Meanwhile, at the end of the same month, it signed an additional 1.9 gigawatts worth of Corporate Power Purchase Agreements.

The company has commissioned 1.8 gigawatts of renewable assets globally, comprising 912 million watts worth of onshore and 252 million watts worth of offshore wind power plants and 618 million watts worth of solar power plants. In 2020, the company employed around 170,000 people, recorded total revenue of £55.8 billion ($US 76.13 billion) and spent £190 million ($US 259.23 billion) on research and development.

The 1.8 gigawatts of commissioned renewable assets were established in the United States with a total capacity of 203 million watts, including 50 million watts in Virginia, 361 million watts in Brazil, 200 million watts in India, and 625 million watts in Europe.

As indicated above, Engie holds a strong presence in Europe, operating about 40% of the continent's total renewable capacity by the end of December 2020. At home in France, it is the top provider of onshore wind and solar power and the first runner-up generator in terms of hydroelectric power.


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