Should all Businesses Have a Chief Circularity Officer?

Shweta Srikanth, Chief Circularity Officer at Ecore
Ecore, a global recycling leader, welcomes Shweta Srikanth as its first Chief Circularity Officer – should other companies adopt the role?

Ecore, a global recycling leader, has created a new role in the C-suite as it welcomes Shweta Srikanth as its first Chief Circularity Officer.

This isn’t a role that you will often – if ever – see in the boardroom. So why has Ecore created this seat at the table?

Ecore says: “As one of the first truly circular companies in the world, Ecore is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sustainable innovation. With Srikanth joining the executive team, Ecore reinforces this commitment and positions itself at the forefront of prioritising circularity as a fundamental business strategy.”

Circularity refers to systems that are self-regenerating and continuous, which creates more sustainable and efficient operations. A circular manufacturing economy is one without wasted products or materials, with refurbishment, reuse and recycling built into supply chain labour.

Does Ecore need a Chief Circularity Officer?

Dating back to 1871, Ecore is a global leader in the recycling and transformation of reclaimed rubber into innovative, performance-driven surfaces and solutions. 

As a transformational rubber circularity company, Ecore has sustainability and circularity built into its foundations and vital to its core operations – the belief that rubber is an infinitely reusable material.

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Headquartered in Pennsylvania, US, Ecore serves customers in more than 75 countries, designing innovative technologies and solutions for many industries, including rubber reclamation services, rubber materials, commercial and performance flooring, play surfacing, industrial components, transportation, and agricultural products.

Ecore’s sustainability in statistics:
  • 87% post-consumer recycled content
  • Uses 40% less energy than standard industry procedures
  • The amount of natural gas it conserves each year could service 120 average American homes
  • Diverted more than 300 million pounds of truck tires from landfills
  • Avoided 3300 lbs of CO₂ emissions

So if it already has sustainability at its core, why does it need a Chief Circularity Officer? 

Ecore believes in flexibility and continuous improvement. 

As Chief Circularity Officer, Shweta will “spearhead the company’s commitment to sustainability and circular economy practices, driving strategies to reduce environmental impact and enhance overall sustainability", Ecore says.

“We are thrilled to welcome Shweta to Ecore,” says Art Dodge, CEO of Ecore Int’l. “Her expertise in developing and operationalizing enterprise strategies combined with an impressive track record of driving cross-functional alignment and a personal passion for sustainability make her the ideal candidate to lead our circularity initiatives. Under Shweta’s leadership, we are confident in our ability to further advance our sustainability goals and drive positive change within our industry.”

Art Dodge, CEO of Ecore Int’l

Meet Shweta Srikanth

Shweta brings more than 15 years of experience in strategy and transformation having held leadership positions in global industrial and healthcare companies including Aster Insights, Hekel and McKinsey & Company. 

In her previous roles, she has driven initiatives to reduce waste, optimise resource efficiency and spearhead the development and launch of more sustainable industrial products. 

“With her strategic vision and collaborative leadership style, Srikanth is well-positioned to lead Ecore’s circularity efforts and drive the company’s sustainability agenda forward,” Ecore says.

Ecore is a global leader in the recycling and transformation of reclaimed rubber

“Joining Ecore, a pioneer in rubber circularity, is an exciting opportunity to contribute to shaping a more sustainable future,” says Shweta. “I look forward to helping to continue to drive innovative solutions and advance the company’s circular economy practices.”

Will this be a role we begin to see regularly? Or is Ecore going to remain an outlier?


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