Atos’ new leader will drive digital diversity and inclusion

Vishal Pujar joins Atos’ leadership team to drive the company’s efforts in digital accessibility, diversity and inclusion, and technology education

The majority of businesses are focusing on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials and how they can improve the way they utilise data to create more clarity over their operations, manage their threats to nature, and, one of the ultimate goals, to create shareholder value. So, how do businesses move forward with their ESG strategies? 

There are a few stages in the process of managing ESG: appointing someone in a leading position, outlining the aims of the business and recognising sustainability credentials. The worldwide leader in digital solutions, Atos is moving towards a more sustainable future, while also creating value for customers. This doesn’t just concern emissions and energy consumption, but the needs of communities and individuals as well, meeting the demands of a diverse network. 

Atos announced the appointment of its Head of Accessibility for GDC, Vishal Pujar, who will be responsible for driving digital accessibility and building diversity and inclusion into the company’s technology development.

Who is Atos? 

‘Pushing the boundaries of scientific and technological excellence’, Atos leading developer of digital products and services for a decentralised information system. The company has been ranked the third in the world, and the first in Europe, for managed security services. The company has played crucial roles in developing different business sectors, including manufacturing, resources, healthcare, aviation and telecommunications. 

What does sustainability mean to Atos? 

Sustainability is high on the corporate agenda for Atos. The company has received ESG ratings from industry-recognised bodies, including EcoVadis, CDP, GRI, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. While achieving sustainable and profitable growth for the business, Atos carefully considers its actions to support its stakeholders, with the end goal of becoming the most trusted partner of leading organisations. 

Atos’ journey to diversity

With operations across 72 countries that support over 100,000 employees, Atos is working to promote digital accessibility, digital education and overall inclusion in the workforce. 

Promoting the use of digital 

Atos works to address the lack of digital adoption by encouraging accessibility, improving digital literacy and promoting the use of technology in such a way that it builds trust in digital solutions. In doing so, the company has become one of the first to the Valuable 500, a collective of the most powerful businesses in diversity and inclusion. 

Allowing access to digital education

The company has been very active in building relationships and partnerships with organisations that drive digital education. Its Be Digital programme is one way in which the business promotes the use of technology and also encourages its own business growth. 

Diversity is a staple for Atos

Atos has championed diversity across many of its practices and has been recognised as one of the best companies for the advancement of women. It has also been listed as a Times Top 50 Employer for Women in 2020 across the UK and Ireland. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), the company has created a workplace environment that is capable of using language without gender bias, such as the creation of its job descriptions. 

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