H&M Foundation collaborates on sustainable fashion awareness

Teaming up with the Stockholm-based Fotografiska, H&M Foundation will collaborate on a two-year project to raise awareness of sustainable fashion

Awareness of climate change is critical for businesses and consumers to take action and innovative methods of raising awareness, like the collaboration between the H&M Foundation and Fotografiska, are important for provoking change.

The H&M Foundation is working with the photography museum to inspire action relating to the United Nation’s (UN’s) Sustainable Development Goals. The two-year collaborative effort between them will result in The Changing Room, which is an exhibition by the visual artist, Tobias Gremmler. The aim of the media exhibition is to highlight some of the ways that innovation drives transformation, by presenting seven examples of solutions for supporting the planet through fashion. 

Diana Amini, Global Manager at H&M Foundation, says, ‘we want to create awareness of the powerful impact sustainable fashion innovation can achieve if given the opportunity to scale. In the innovation space, you can experience a t-shirt made of trapped carbon dioxide from the air, shoes crafted from wine-making leftovers and lab-grown cotton. These solutions exist and are giving back instead of taking from the planet, which is one of the keys to turning the fashion industry planet positive’.

The exhibition is 100% virtual, meaning that viewers do not have to attend a venue to watch and it can be viewed by a wider audience. The leading global professional services and IT company, Accenture backs the seven solutions portrayed by the exhibition, by estimating the positive impact that each one could have leading up to 2030. While this has been identified by the company, further support for these solutions would be required to make them work.


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