Globality Awarded for Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

Globality has received three awards - resulting from a survey by Comparably, but why is this significant for diversity and inclusion?

More businesses are being recognised for their efforts in support of diversity and inclusion in various different industries, which is part of the overall sustainability umbrella that companies have focused on in recent years. Diversity and inclusion is a subject that taps into all areas of business, from the way employees treat their staff to how companies market their goods and services. 

Globality, a leading developer of artificial intelligence solutions for procurement and sourcing services, has been recognised as one of the top small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in North America for Best CEO for Diversity, Best Leadership Team and Best Career Growth, by Comparably - an organisation that works towards transparency and inclusivity in the workplace. 

Why are these Awards Significant? carries out research, which is derived from anonymous employee ratings. The three awards - achieved by Globality - are backed by millions of anonymous feedback cases, which are primarily focused on executive leadership teams and direct managers. The award shows Globality’s position in diversity and inclusion, in comparison to 60,000 other companies that are included in the survey. Other leading technology organisations that have been recognised by the award scheme include Adobe, Zoom, Hubspot and LinkedIn. 

‘We are thrilled to receive these awards from Comparably as it shows that Globality lives our mission daily, with employees that represent every corner of the world working together to achieve more inclusive economies’, says Sonia Mathai, Chief Human Resources Officer at Globality. ‘Having a CEO who is recognized for his commitment to diversity along with an approachable and inspiring leadership team enables our people to grow and achieve their full career potential in a dynamic and inclusive environment, which allows Globality to transform the way companies do business around the world’.

‘At Globality, everyone contributes to our culture, which is based on the values of innovation, collaboration and trust as we use cutting-edge technology to help build a fairer global economy in which all companies, regardless of size or location, have the opportunity to compete on a level playing field’, Mathai says. 

Jason Nazar, Chief Executive Officer at Comparably, comments on the significance of the award following a global pandemic. ‘As the world was plagued by the pandemic and racial inequities of the past year, employees needed executives who could lead with strength and compassion’, says Nazar. ‘Globality’s multiple award wins are a testament to the strong CEO they have in Joel Hyatt and how committed the leadership team is to transparency, diversity and growth opportunities for its employees’.


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