Sustainability LIVE Net Zero: Conservation and Travel

Sustainability LIVE Net Zero | Left to right: Ralf Duessel, Nicole Sautter, Mahesh Ramanujam, Andy Brown
We welcome more speakers to the Sustainability LIVE Net Zero stage, including Ralf Duesseul, Nicole Sautter, Mahesh Ramanujam and Andy Brown

Continuing our speaker announcements, we have a few speakers within a diverse group of businesses. From the use of water resources to the decarbonisation of energy and travel, these speakers will play their respective roles in the global race to net-zero emissions. 

From travel to resources: A diverse group of sustainability speakers

Who are the speakers joining us at Sustainability LIVE Net Zero?

Ralf Duessel, SVP and Head of Sustainability at Evonik

Ralf Duessel, SVP and Head of Sustainability at Evonik

Serving as the Senior Vice President and Head of Sustainability at Evonik, a global leader in specialty chemicals. Ralf Duessel is instrumental in steering the company towards more sustainable operations and products, and aligning with global environmental standards and societal expectations. 

With a keen focus on innovation and strategic partnerships, he drives initiatives that aim to reduce the environmental impact of Evonik's production processes and product portfolio. Duessel's leadership reflects Evonik's commitment to sustainability as a core business strategy, ensuring long-term value creation while addressing ecological challenges.

Nicole Sautter, Director of Global Sustainability at American Express Global Business Travel

Nicole Sautter, Director of Global Sustainability at American Express Global Business Travel 

Nicole Sautter leads efforts to minimise the ecological impact  of Amex Global Business Travel, and advocates for eco-friendly travel methods. Her extensive expertise in environmental science and policy underscores her dedication to weaving sustainability throughout the company's fundamental operations. Sautter's role is crucial in crafting cutting-edge approaches to combat climate change, involving stakeholders in green initiatives, and positioning American Express Global Business Travel as a model of environmental responsibility within the business travel sector.

Mahesh Ramanujam, President & CEO of Global Network for Zero

Mahesh Ramanujam, President & CEO of Global Network for Zero 

He’s dedicated to promoting sustainable construction methods across the globe. His approach goes beyond environmental sustainability to include social fairness and economic growth. 

Mahesh Ramanujam leads the organisation in its mission to advocate for zero carbon emissions, energy-efficient structures, and green urban development. His efforts are crucial in pushing forward the worldwide mission to realise a future with zero carbon emissions, significantly contributing to the fight against climate change.

Andy Brown, Group Chief Sustainability Officer at Anglian Water Group 

As the Group Chief Sustainability Officer at Anglian Water Group, Andy Brown is key in driving the organisation toward environmental sustainability and resilience. He concentrates on the incorporation of sustainable practices within the company's operations, the promotion of water conservation, and the reduction of carbon emissions. Brown's guidance has been pivotal in establishing Anglian Water as a leader in tackling climate change within the water industry, with a focus on innovation, biodiversity, and sustainable progress. His work emphasises the company's commitment to preserving natural resources for future generations.


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