How does Amazon provide consumers with sustainable choices?

One of the largest digital retailers is also promoting sustainability through various initiatives to provoke purchase awareness and action among consumers

As the largest e-commerce retailer in the world, promoting sustainability is a critical task for Amazon as it is responsible for the sale of over 350 million products each year. With an incredibly large platform that spans the majority of the globe, it’s no wonder that Amazon is now using it to help its customers make more sustainable choices when buying goods. 

Amazon has implemented some different brands or initiatives to ensure that consumers are presented with sustainably-sourced products while supporting its business-to-business (B2B) clients, such as startups and sustainability-focused brands. 

Amazon brand initiatives to promote sustainable sourcing 

Without the sale of sustainable products, consumers won’t be able to make the switch. Amazon has devised some great initiatives to put sustainable products on its website and encourage a shift in the purchasing habits of its customer base. 

Amazon Launchpad

In mid-2019, Amazon began to serve more business startups through the implementation of its Amazon Launchpad—a service that assists entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges of entering competitive markets. 

Leading up to Earth Day, Amazon is sharing the stories of some small brands hosted on its website, including those of kitchenware, beauty and health, clothing and accessories, and groceries. 

Climate Pledge Friendly

Awareness is an important factor in Amazon’s pledge to sustainability. The Climate Pledge Friendly programme helps customers discover more sustainable options for their usual purchases. This is achieved through certification. 39 different certifications are used on the Amazon website to represent products that support the natural environment. 

Across various product lines, the count of recognised products exceeds 300,000, which come from around 20,000 different brands. 

Amazon Aware

Amazon is known to produce its own products, such as its Amazon Basics line, but its Amazon Aware brand is slightly different. It was created to provide all Amazon customers with a base option for sustainable goods. Shopping the Amazon Aware ranges of beauty, household, and clothing products give consumers peace of mind that they all fit within its Climate Pledge Friendly programme. 

Amazon Smile

Many browsers will have seen the Amazon Smile logo across its website and on other branding materials. The retail giant is taking charity to another level, by offering consumers the chance to purchase the same goods while supporting charitable causes. is the firm’s answer to this and it has managed to provide the same products and services, and donate a percentage of its revenue to charities, all at no extra cost to the customer.


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