Fujitsu: Technology Accelerates Sustainable Transformation

A survey commissioned by Fujitsu to Oxford Economics shows leaders are leveraging technology to deliver on their sustainable transformation strategies

The capabilities of technology in driving sustainable development are well known—at least, more so today. Corporations actively seek new digital means of emissions reduction, energy management, and to remedy other solutions as part of their environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies. 

A survey by the Japanese multinational IT and communications company Fujitsu sought answers as to how technology compliments a sustainable transformation—it commissioned Oxford Economics to carry out a survey with 1,800 executives leaders from nine different countries. 

The report declares that “once you become digital and efficient, what does that mean? It means you became more sustainable. They are definitely connected. I think the digital transformation comes first”. 

According to the survey, 93% of the executive decision makers surveyed said they’ve seen successful outcomes through digital transformation, while 48% of non-leaders also corroborated this statement. 

What did Fujitsu ask businesses about sustainable transformation? 

Covering various topics of conversation, Fujitsu set out to deliver insight into companies and their approaches to digital transformation and how this supported their sustainability efforts. Focusing on strategy, the survey asked about the strategy for transformation and whether they had the necessary expertise on board to facilitate digital transformation. 

In terms of agility, the respondents were asked to divulge how they allow employees to take the reins when it comes to technology implementation and the methodologies used in an agile approach. 

Next, the company discovered more about the process and how organisations adopted IT infrastructure, and whether transformation was driven by data and digital capabilities. With data in mind, a series of questions show a significant representation for the use of data and efficacy when incorporating it into their strategies. 

The final thoughts were about the bigger picture and whether companies have been successful in building digital ecosystems to manage their businesses and assess and improve their sustainable performance. 

The key to the sustainability through digital transformation

The overall response shows great progress in adopting digital as the driver of sustainable change, allowing greater use of data, simplifying reporting methods, and removing manual work from the day-to-day. 

This is further enabled by automation and augmentation as artificial intelligence (AI) is fast-becoming a solution for minimising effort while maximising efficiency. 

  • 82% of leaders say they use AI to solve problems and improve productivity. 
  • 84 leverage technology to create better engagement, which we see in customer experience (CX) innovations
  • 78% use high-performance computing (HPC) alongside AI to innovate in line with complex systemic challenges 
  • 77% use data to gain more visibility of their operations, which we can also see throughout the supply chain 
  • 80% leverage new technologies to build security and  trust in their brands through the reliable use of data and insight into environmental and social impacts


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