Top 10: Renewable Energy Companies in Europe

Sustainability Magazine recognises 10 of the biggest contributors to the renewable energy transition at the heart of the utilities investment and evolution

Investments in the energy sector are shifting towards renewables, which are slowly but surely overtaking the traditional fossil-fuel powered systems that upheld society for generations. But, we can’t be sentimental about this change as the world demands less pollutant means of generating electricity—therefore requiring a drastic overhaul of power plants and energy infrastructure to decarbonise the industry’s future. 

Recognising some of the most successful businesses in this space, delivering large sums of investment to the cause, we take a look at the top 10 renewable energy companies based in Europe with significant influence on the future of the global energy landscape. 

10. Enel Green Power S.p.A.

Revenue: US$9.72m 

CEO: Salvatore Bernabei

Enel Green Power, distinguished in the renewable energy domain, orchestrates a myriad of energy facets, ranging from direct sales via Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to a pioneering dedication to deploying renewable technologies. Cementing its leadership in the renewables field, the company generates clean energy, leveraging cutting-edge technologies across solar, geothermal, wind, and hydroelectric power.

The company explores and adopts these technologies to produce energy, steadfastly adhering to sustainable practices. Enel Green Power not only underscores the production of green energy but also champions the innovative development of technologies to amplify clean energy accessibility and efficiency.

9. Iberdrola

Revenue: US$57.21m 

CEO: Armando Martinez

Iberdrola stands out as a pivotal leader in the renewable energy domain, dynamically driving the energy transition with its sturdy strategies and actions. Allocating a substantial investment of €47bn by 2025, the company showcases a deep-seated dedication to guiding the global energy paradigm towards diminished emissions, aiming to sculpt a secure and sustainable future. 

Fundamental to Iberdrola's methodology is the rapid electrification of energy systems, channelling investments towards pristine energy production, grid amplification, and storage infrastructure, thus facilitating the emergence of new and sustainable integrated energy alternatives.

8. National Grid

Revenue: US$245.14m 

CEO: John Pettigrew

The organisation operates a subsidiary known as National Grid Renewables, which is focused on clean energy expansion through large-scale projects tailored towards corporations and utilities while also maintaining a community-focused and farmer-friendly approach to business. 

Not only has the company demonstrated a commitment to creating a clean, fair, and affordable energy future but it has also emphasised the urgency of taking action now to achieve a secure and equitable energy system for all. Through its ventures and future scenarios for 2023, National Grid highlights a pivotal overall theme – the necessity of immediate action to navigate toward a sustainable energy landscape that is accessible and beneficial for all sectors of society.

7. Acciona SA

Revenue: US$12.30bn 

CEO: José Manuel Entrecanales

With a global reach across 16 countries on five continents, Acciona is deeply embedded in the renewable energy sector with 100% renewable energy solutions and zero links to fossil-fuel-powered technologies. The firm owns and operates a diverse range of renewable energy assets, including onshore wind, photovoltaic (PV), biomass, hydroelectric, and solar thermal facilities, indicative of a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to sustainable energy generation. 

Acciona not only reflects a robust business model but also a committed player in the global transition toward sustainable energy, ensuring that their business operations not only align with but actively advance, environmental sustainability and energy accessibility across the globe.

6. Vestas

Revenue: US$16.53bn 

CEO: Henrik Andersen

Vestas is a global leader in the renewable sector, specialising in sustainable energy solutions. The company has a long-standing track record despite multiple challenging periods. Its financial outlook for 2023 projects a revenue ranging between €14bn-15.5bn, showcasing a resilient and optimistic stance amidst industry and global challenges. 

Vestas is a pivotal partner in the global journey towards more sustainable and renewable energy practices, developing solutions that prioritise ecological integrity without compromising economic viability. 

5. Orsted

Revenue: US$18.81bn

CEO: Mads Nipper

Ørsted is a staple entity in the global renewable energy sector, regarded as one of the world's most sustainable companies. 

It provides a broad range of green energy solutions, including offshore and onshore wind, solar energy, and storage solutions. With a significant green energy share of 92% sustained from H1 2022 to H1 2023, Ørsted demonstrates steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability. 

The company has successfully decreased its Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 14%. Its ambition is anchored in not only advancing its own green transition but also fostering a sustainable future globally. The company is unyielding in its endeavour to remain at the forefront of the global shift towards renewable energy, continuously exploring innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

4. Fortum Corp

Revenue: US$93.68bn

CEO: Markus Rauramo

Fortum Corporation, focusing on delivering reliable clean energy, has refreshed its strategy to drive a clean transition with new financial and environmental targets. Targeting growth in clean energy, Fortum is diversifying its portfolio, but also partnering with industrial customers to ensure capital allocation with reasonable returns. 

The company's strategy starts with de-risking its energy generation offerings and aspiring to play a pivotal role in driving the clean energy transition. In the first half of 2023 it witnessed a high performance, particularly in the Nordics.

3. Engie

Revenue: US$99.57bn 

CEO: Catherine MacGregor

While a global player in the energy sector, Engie’s history is short yet profound when it comes to its European endeavours. Headquartered in La Défense, France, the company set out plans to invest €13 - 14bn in renewable energy from the beginning of 2023 to the close of 2025. 

The investment is part of the company’s larger strategy to inject €22 - 25bn in its growth, which marks a 50% increase in this investment from the previous two-year period. 70% of its growth budget will be directed towards accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy future. 

2. EDF

Revenue: US$152.17bn 

CEO: Simone Rossi

EDF is one of the major players in the European energy sector that emphasises sustainability as a core principle of its business. This is achieved by promoting a diverse portfolio of renewable energy sources, including nuclear and energy storage. 

Notably, EDF actively explores the feasibility of hydrogen as an alternative energy product for its potential benefits in the modern landscape. Nuclear is also a key focus for its high-energy density and zero-emission function. 

1. TotalEnergies

Revenue: US$263.20bn 

CEO: Patrick Pouyanné

Substantively embracing renewable energy, TotalEnergies manifests a profound commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility through the transformation of its business. 

The company undergoes comprehensive engagements across the renewable energy value chain, navigating the production and distribution of low-to-no-carbon electricity. 

With a rich history in the power business, TotalEnergies makes its presence known in renewable energy through large-scale solar projects, as well as onshore and offshore wind energy plants. 


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