Top 10: ESG Platforms

Sustainability Magazine's Top 10 ESG Platforms
Sustainability Magazine brings you 10 of the leading environmental, social and governance platforms for gathering data and visualising global impact

With an abundance of data out in the world, organisations can now gain insight into their sustainability impact against environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics. This is also becoming a critical factor in their ability to acquire investments for further sustainability projects, and business growth. 

There are a number of platforms on the market now to collate data, monitor impact, and build reports that not only showcase sustainability commitment, but allow businesses to strategise future projects. 

10. Bloomberg ESG

CEO: Vlad Kliatchko

Bloomberg is not only a trusted website for corporate news and insights, but is now respected by financial institutions for more than 40 years of commercial impact, which now extends to ESG analysis and reporting.

The insight-driven ESG platform is designed to utilise high-quality data to identify and act upon opportunities. The comprehensive dataset provided by Bloomberg ESG supplies companies with the knowledge they need to make smarter, more sustainable decisions while anticipating the commercial risks and environmental gains. 

Analysts at Bloomberg ensure a minimum 80% coverage of operations and the workforce, as well as details on 93% of global equity market capitalisation. 

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9. Refinitiv ESG

The global provider of financial market data expanded its services to offer tools for ESG data analysis, reporting and monitoring. This includes the ESG Contributor Tool, which helps companies verify and share timely updates on their projects—made visible to investors and other stakeholders to provide evidence of corporate action. 

Refinitiv prides itself on delivering auditable ESG data to its clients that can be trusted by investors. By leveraging its own mechanism of ESG scoring, and publicly reported data, the company provides objective measurement of performance, commitment, and effectiveness of the 10 main themes, including emissions, environmental product innovation, human rights, and shareholders. 

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8. Sustainalytics

CEO (Morningstar): Kunal Kapoor

The Morningstar business is a global frontrunner in the ESG domain, covering research, ratings, and data provision. The Sustainalytics platform caters predominantly to institutional entities, offering analytical insights into the sustainable aspects of businesses—tagging in 13,000 corporate ESG ratings and scores. 

Sustainalytics’ data aids a consistent approach to the evaluation of financial risks. Also, the association with Morningstar allows funds to showcase their sustainability credentials based on Sustainalytics research. This platform assists asset managers to discern sustainable investment opportunities and detect company greenwashing. 


CEO: Henry Fernandez

MSCI ESG Ratings is a vital tool within the ESG investment domain. Developed in-house by MSCI, the ratings measure a company's successful management of financially significant ESG risks and opportunities, and offer insights into these aspects across multiple asset classes. 

These ratings are designed specifically to gauge a company's resilience to pertinent risks in their ESG agenda or strategy, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation and management to follow. The public ESG Ratings & Climate corporate search tool provides access to ratings for more than 2,900 companies that form the MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI).

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6. SustainIQ

CEO: Liam McEvoy 

SustainIQ is an award-winning platform designed specifically for sustainability and ESG. The tools monitor and report on ESG metrics, creating comprehensive  reports on waste management, Scope emissions, social impacts, supply chain management, and ethical workplace practices. 

The platform offers a holistic approach by integrating reporting against four critical pillars and enabling real-time assessment. The platform can be tailored towards companies’ specific needs and priced to suit. 

5. TruValue Labs 

CEO: Hendrik Bartel

A pioneering platform harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to amplify research, analysis, and monitoring, TruValue Labs is delivering a more intuitive means of backing investment opportunities and showcasing them to professional organisations. 

The company is at the intersection of technology and finance, incorporating ESG into the mix, to revolutionise the way that companies interact with data and enhance their insights. 

The company’s AI-driven tools and methodologies are designed to interpret and analyse a vast array of data, offering users a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving investment landscape, which is now partially governed by ESG criteria. 

4. CSRHub

CEO: Cynthia Figge​​​​​​​

CSRHub is a platform specialising in big data solutions for ESG and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company creates consensus ESG ratings, offering insights into sustainability profiles of private and public companies. 

Using big data, CSRHub presents a comprehensive overview of a company’s performance and impacts through measurable metrics that can be benchmarked for years to come. This enables a more direct comparison with competitors and the social and environmental initiatives. The tools offered by CSRHub serve 50,000+ users, including investors, sustainability analysts, and corporations at large to understand their sustainability footprints. 

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3. OneTrust

CEO: Kabir Barday

The platform has around 16,000+ users and, last year, earned a spot on the 2022 Forbes Cloud 100 List. This highlights OneTrust’s dedication to ESG and allows its customers to unlock insights into their own impacts. Established in 2016, OneTrust offers a suite of tools to gain insight into risk management, policy, and compliance processes. Through this suite, the company supports firms to understand how they can comply with ESG, by uncovering patterns in data and using them to automate compliance workflows.

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2. UL Solutions

CEO: Jennifer Scanlon

A global leader in safety science, UL Solutions operates in 100 different countries and offers testing and software for product innovation. UL 360 is the company’s product for ESG data and analysis, which is verified by the GHG Management Institute, and enables top-tier data quality. This system has proven its performance in collecting, measuring, and reporting Scope 3 emissions data. In 2022, UL Solutions was recognised in the Verdantix Green Quadrant for carbon management as well as the Gartner CFO Guide for Financial ESG Reporting Software.

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1. Diligent

CEO: Brian Stafford

Diligent's ESG platform is an advanced solution designed to streamline ESG data collection, benchmarking, and reporting. With a user satisfaction rating of 93%, the platform has been well-received in the market. Recognised for its agility, Diligent ESG is purpose-built to amalgamate ESG data from various sources, supporting goal setting and other critical ESG initiatives. Moreover, the solution ensures audit-ready documentation, reinforcing its value for companies looking to become transparent and accountable through ESG reporting.


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