Top 10 Sustainability Consultants

By Blaise Hope
Bringing top-level advocacy and lasting results across large businesses, these top sustainability consultants help companies drive their ESG goals

Sustainability consultants help businesses to incorporate more responsible approaches in their operations so they can achieve their sustainability goals more efficiently. With current climate conditions, partnering with a good sustainability consultancy firm is becoming more important.

Here are the top 10 leading sustainability consultancy firms in the world.

10. dss+

DuPont Sustainable Solutions, now known as dss+, employs more than 1000 professionals in 40 countries to serve their clients across a wide range of industries ‒ from food and beverage to transportation, oil and gas,.

The firm rebranded itself in February 2022 to mark a new journey, after almost five decades of operating as a subsidiary of DuPont. The firm is known for its holistic and integrated approach that tackles not only technical barriers, but also infuses its consultancy into organisational cultures, further securing long-term results.

9. Accenture

Employing more than 624,000 people in more than 200 cities located in 50 countries, Accenture is strategically placed between business and technology. It provides a wide range of services, providing solutions in strategy, consulting, and operations. Its expertise spans more than 40 industries and all business functions, with more than 3 decades of experience.

The firm helps clients to implement their ESG strategies, operating models, processes, and technologies so that their business can create a more sustainable impact. To further expand its reach and scope of expertise, the firm has been making aggressive strides by acquiring other sustainability consultancies, such as Avieco and Greenfish.

8. WSP & Golder

Utilising strong in-house expertise and digital tools, WSP stands out as the market-leading provider of sustainability consulting services. The global firm started more than 130 years ago as a local firm. With its recent acquisition of earth sciences and environmental consulting firm Golder, WSP has approximately 14,000 of its 55,000 professionals dedicated to catering to clients’ sustainability needs.

Throughout 2019-2021, the firm acquired more than 14 different firms ‒ including Golder ‒ along with their expertise, widening the range of its market reach and competitive offerings.

7. Bain & Company

One of the world's leading management consulting firms, Bain & Company has been in the industry for more than four decades. It offers uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring solutions for each of its clients on their most critical issues, including strategy, operations, and technology.

Bain & Company has provided sustainability solutions for more than 600 client projects in the past two years. It has also shown efforts in tackling critical environmental challenges by providing pro-bono consulting to leading nonprofits as part of its 10-year, $1.1bn commitment, which also includes a multi-year partnership with The Nature Conservancy.

6. ERM

Environmental Resources Management, better known as ERM, is one of the largest global pure-play sustainability consultancies. Armed with more than fifty years of experience, accrued since 1971, ERM helps clients to reach their sustainability ambitions, including low carbon future transition and building business resilience.

Its technical expertise spans various issues, including environmental and social issues, providing a comprehensive service model to develop strategic and technical solutions specially catered to its clients. Its holistic approach is trusted by clients across various industries, including energy, technology, and healthcare.

5. Deloitte

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited ‒ a UK private company better known as Deloitte ‒ is an umbrella brand for several global independent firms with tens of thousands of dedicated professionals specialising in audit, consulting, financial advisory, and tax.

One of the Big Four accounting organisations, Deloitte has accumulated extensive experience in financial accounting and regulatory services ‒ resulting in top-notch integrated reporting. With its expansive expertise, the firm also provides the services of sustainability assurance, environment, social impact, and sustainable finance.


Probably one of the most recognised names in global business, KPMG is a network of multinational professional firms best known for its audit, tax and advisory services. Its expertise spans strategy and operations, analytics, integrated business planning, and transformation.

Its global network enables KPMG to acquire an in-depth understanding of the economic, political, environmental and social landscapes of each client based on their geographical locations. It offers results-driven and future-fit business strategies, deep insights, practical business responses, and an integrated multi-disciplinary team to achieve the sustainability goals of its clients.

3. Boston Consulting Group

Global management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group is known as a global leader in business strategy consultancy. Founded in 1963, BCG now operates in more than 45 countries and is represented by more than 80 offices.

It offers a customised approach for each client based on deep insights into both the company’s and markets’ dynamics, securing long-term results, sustainable advantages, and organisational growth. To further support its clients, the group established the BCG Center for Climate & Sustainability, which brings together more than 550 experts in a wide range of topics, including circular economy and transition financing.

2. McKinsey & Company

Another celebrity in the industry, the global consultancy juggernaut McKinsey & Company has handled more than 1,700 sustainability-related projects in the past 3 years. The management consulting firm was founded in 1976 and has been the trusted advisor to many global businesses, governments, and institutions ever since.

It offers integrated end-to-end solutions on sustainability, climate, energy transition, and ESG, allowing clients to achieve growth while safeguarding the planet. It offers net-zero and ESG strategy, net-zero financial institutions, and sustainable investing services, to name a few. It has also established the McKinsey Platform for Climate Technologies to further help clients with their climate ambitions.

1. EY

Together with Deloitte, KPMG and PwC, Ernst & Young is one of the global ‘Big Four’, best known for its audit, tax, business risk, and human capital services. It has a presence in over 700 offices in more than 150 countries, with 312,250 employees around the world.

For its Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS), EY deploys multidisciplinary teams to help companies understand the sustainability, environmental, health and safety risks, while simultaneously recognising the opportunities behind such issues. EY’s CCaSS offers environment, health and safety services, as well as enhanced corporate reporting and accounting.


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