Top 10: Sustainable Cloud Companies

Sustainability Magazine's Top 10: Sustainability Cloud Companies
Sustainability Magazine looks at the top technology companies directing investments towards sustainable cloud services and data-centre impact reduction

Talk about them as the largest investors in sustainable cloud. 

In order to transform the world both digitally and sustainability, the leading organisations have a duty to impart their expertise and development budgets to ensure that technology ceases to cause adverse effects.
Understanding the footprint of technology is one part of this endeavour, but the priority is action. Through heavy investment in data-centre sustainability and responsible cloud services, the 10 providers are influencing the digital landscape and building the connected  world of the future. 

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10. Akamai 

CEO: Tom Leighton

Akamai, a global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, is building sustainability into its cloud operations. Through advanced energy-efficient technologies, the company looks to reduce the environmental impact of digital content delivery—also by strategically locating servers to minimise energy use and purchasing renewable energy. 

Akamai’s adaptive network architecture optimises data routing, reducing power consumption per transaction. This approach demonstrates Akamai's environmental commitment, contributing to a more sustainable digital infrastructure.

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9. DigitalOcean 

CEO: Yancey Spruill

DigitalOcean, a cloud infrastructure provider, is dedicated to sustainability through its cloud operations. The team focuses on delivering more energy efficiency across its data centres, by using advanced cooling technologies and renewable energy sources. 

DigitalOcean's data centres are strategically designed for optimal energy usage and adherence to strict environmental policies—also targeting responsible e-waste disposal and recycling. The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to its customers through green computing initiatives—an approach that showcases DigitalOcean's role in promoting a sustainable cloud ecosystem, demonstrating that cloud computing can be both powerful and environmentally conscious.

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8. OVHcloud 

CEO: Michael Paulin 

OVHcloud, a prominent cloud computing company, demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability in its cloud services. They design and operate their own data centres, focusing on energy efficiency and minimising environmental impact. OVHcloud utilises innovative cooling techniques, such as using outside air, significantly reducing energy consumption for cooling systems. They also invest in renewable energy sources, aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. OVHcloud's approach to the circular economy, by recycling and reusing server components, further underlines their environmental responsibility. This commitment reflects OVHcloud's dedication to sustainable practices, positioning them as a leader in eco-friendly cloud computing solutions.

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7. HPE Greenlake 

CEO: Antonio Neri (HPE)

HPE GreenLake exemplifies sustainability in edge-to-cloud computing through its unique approach. Offering cloud services through an as-a-service model, the firm ensures resource optimisation, reducing waste and energy consumption. HPE GreenLake's focus on data-centre efficiency involves using cutting-edge technologies for energy saving and carbon footprint reduction.

HPE Greenlake’s commitment extends to using renewable energy and eco-friendly materials. HPE's solutions enable clients to monitor and manage their environmental impact effectively.  

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6. Oracle Cloud 

CEO: Safra Catz (Oracle Corp)

Oracle Cloud is at the forefront of cloud computing, with operational sustainability at the core of its now, and future, business functions. Employing energy-efficient data centre technologies significantly reduces power consumption and carbon emissions. 

Oracle Cloud actively invests in renewable energy sources and sustainable infrastructure, striving for more eco-friendly cloud services. Advanced technologies are optimised for improved resource use, minimising environmental impact while maintaining high performance.

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5. IBM Cloud 

CEO: Arvind Krishna

IBM Cloud demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability—as does the entire organisation—integrating eco-friendly practices into its cloud services. IBM focuses on energy-efficient data centre operations; renewable energy consumption to power its facilities.

IBM's use of AI and analytics in resource optimisation further enhances its success in this area.

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4. Alibaba Cloud 

CEO: Eddie Wu (Alibaba Group)

As a prominent figure in the technology sector, Alibaba Cloud places a high emphasis on sustainable practices. Its data centres are equipped with energy-saving technologies, leading to significant reductions in both energy use and carbon emissions from data-centre operations. 

The company invests heavily in renewable energy solutions to serve its premises, particularly solar and wind power. Innovative cooling solutions and environmentally conscious building designs increase the likelihood of its sustainable success. Alibaba Cloud goes one step further, leveraging AI-powered analytics to enhance resource efficiency and reduce waste. 

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3. Google Cloud 

CEO: Thomas Kurian

Google Cloud excels in energy efficiency within its data centre business through the use of sophisticated cooling systems and intelligent resource management. Since 2017, Google Cloud has been actively moving towards a more sustainable future with renewable energy adoption a key part of its strategy. The company operates data centres that are carbon-neutral, greatly reducing its environmental impact. 

Furthermore, Google Cloud adopts circular economic principles, such as recycling and reusing hardware—a comprehensive strategy towards sustainability that showcases the breadth of Google Cloud's influence.

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2. Microsoft Azure 

CEO: Satya Nadella

Microsoft Azure demonstrates its dedication to sustainable cloud computing practices. Its data centres are designed to maximise energy efficiency, which substantially cuts both electricity usage and its ecological footprint. Microsoft is steadily progressing in terms of renewable energy, targeting a shift to 100% renewable by 2025. 

Azure places high urgency on water conservation, employing advanced cooling methods that reduce water consumption. Microsoft Azure is also actively involved in initiatives to decrease carbon emissions, with an ambitious goal to achieve carbon-negative operations by 2030.

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1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

CEO: Adam Selipsky

AWS is committed to more than just great digital services. Sustainable cloud computing is a key component of its offering as it aims towards 100% renewable-energy-powered operations by 2025. The technology leader is continuously improving efficiency of its global infrastructure, which includes similar prospects (using advanced cooling techniques and designing sustainable data centres). 

AWS's initiatives also encompass water reduction and investment in large-scale wind and solar projects. AWS's approach to sustainability demonstrates a balance of technological innovation and ecological responsibility and ever-changing, more connected digital landscape—reinforcing their position as a leader in eco-friendly cloud services.


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