Exclusive Video: Bayer’s Miya Howell

Miya Howell, Director, Sustainable Agriculture Precision Farming at Bayer discusses the businesses ESG strategy at Sustainability Live Virtual - New York.

Sustainability Magazine, Feedspot’s number-one ESG magazine, hosts a number of in-person and virtual events throughout the year, welcoming the world’s most influential sustainability leaders to the stage to discuss some of today’s most pressing topics. 

On 19th April 2023, the first-ever Sustainability LIVE New York was held, where thousands of delegates tuned in virtually from across the globe. 

Bayer's ESG Approach & Sustainability Strategy

Miya Howell, Director, Sustainable Agriculture Precision Farming at Bayer discusses the business's sustainability strategy at Sustainability Live Virtual - New York 2023.

Through her role, Miya works with data science experts to coordinate global sustainable agriculture strategies and previously contributed to the development of Bayer's strategy and vision for both the agricultural productivity biologicals and the biotechnology product portfolio.

Through her talk, Howell discusses Bayer’s ESG strategies, specifically reflecting the businesses work with farmers to reduce their impact, while also helping to create new opportunities for the farmers.

Tom Swallow and Miya Howell at Sustainability Live Virtual - New York 2023

She also covers a set of topics concerning ESG, why ESG is important for Bayer and the evolution of the industry and the business has reacted and embedded it in its sustainability strategy.

“By this, I mean how we fit with our goals around climate neutrality and our net zero targets,” Howell says. “I look into the work that we do with sustainable supply chains as well as the work that we spend a significant amount of time on diversity, equity and inclusion. 

“I'm talking about how this impacts our Bayer's business as it relates to benefits, determinants and considerations, and then specifically how Bayer's particularly leading this topic as it relates to transparency and engagement.” 

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