Exclusive Video: Sarah Thuo, IBM

At Sustainability LIVE New York, IBM's Sarah Thuo took centre stage to discuss the importance of embracing DEI in the workplace

Sustainability Magazine, Feedspot’s number-one ESG magazine, hosts a number of in-person and virtual events throughout the year, welcoming the world’s most influential sustainability leaders to the stage to discuss some of today’s most pressing topics. 

On 19th April 2023, the first-ever Sustainability LIVE New York was held, where thousands of delegates tuned in virtually from across the globe. 

Sarah Thuo, Partner and Americas Practice Leader, Sustainability Business Transformation Services at IBM took the virtual stage at Sustainability Live Virtual - New York 2023 to discuss the importance of businesses embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Sustainability & DEI with IBM

To kick the panel off, Thou outlines with DEI means to her personally: “I think diversity, equity and inclusion is a set of core values that I personally hold dear because, for the majority of my life, I've lived in a part of the world where I am a minority. 

“I'm originally Kenyan, and after spending my formative years in Africa, I went to college in North America, and since graduating I've spent the majority of my time living and working in the U.S. So that makes me a black immigrant woman working in corporate America.

Sarah Thuo, Partner and Americas Practice Leader, Sustainability Business Transformation Services at IBM

“My experience is very unique, right? The people around me mostly don't look like me. They don't think like me. And certainly, I have had very different life experiences. So I understand the value of DEI. As a person who has lived the experience of being an outsider and someone who's who has seen the value of infusing new ideas based on different life experiences in sustainability, which is the field I work in.

“I see a DEI being a core part of what we do in sustainability.”

Thuo continues to expand the ideas of intergenerational equity, accelerating economic growth, inclusive ways of setting climate action policies, and many more.

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