Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero Capgemini Invent Workshop

Capgemini Invent Workshop
Hosted on Day 1 of Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero, Capgemini Invent led an intimate workshop on climate adaptation and social sustainability

Hosting an intimate workshop on Day 1 of Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero, Capgemini Invent discussed with attendees how changing and adapting our human systems to prepare for evolving climate risks, future proofs not only businesses, but people, communities, and countries. 


  • Courtney Holm, Sustainable Future, Capgemini Invent
  • Manogna Goparaju, Climate Adaptation and Sustainable Finance Lead Sustainable Futures, Capgemini Invent
  • Juan Diaz Reina, Social Sustainability Lead Sustainable Futures, Capgemini Invent

The human side of climate change

During the workshop, leading executives from Capgemini Invent started the workshop with the importance of pivoting from climate mitigation to climate adaptation. 

With climate change only getting worse, vulnerabilities are rising in environmental, social, economic, financial, political, and geographical settings. As such, Goparaju stressed the importance of not only focusing on climate mitigation but the need to focus on adaptation and putting structures in place that future-proof systems and people. 

Manogna Goparaju and Juan Diaz Reina, Capgemini Invent

Adopting a systems thinking approach

To be truly just, it is critical that climate change adaptation strategies are not solely about Western world compliance or business continuity but should also put people and the planet at the centre of the solution.

Goparaju and Reina also discussed the need to shift the focus onto the risks and opportunities of the impact on people. To accelerate the adoption organisations must take a systems thinking approach to risk, changing the context of how organisations think about and approach risk. 

Organisations need to take a look at the cascading effect risk has on business down to the people, and then take a system approach to mapping the interconnected environmental, social, economic and financial risks of climate change. In doing so, organisations can drive action through practical solutions that enable systemic change and future-proof sectors and businesses. 

Adopting a human-centric approach to climate change prioritises the needs, vulnerabilities, and abilities of communities and people when designing and implementing climate adaptation strategies.

The benefits of this approach include: 

  • Fostering participation and empowerment
  • Promoting holistic and integrated initiatives
  • Ensuring compliance and accountability
  • Protecting vulnerable populations
  • Contributing to the just transition
  • Respecting human rights

The Activity

During the workshop, attendees were asked to participate in an activity, applying a system thinking approach to map out the consequences across factors from a specific climate hazard and sector perspective including:

  • Manufacturing - heat stress 
  • Retail - drought
  • Tourism - sea levels 
Capgemini Invent Workshop Activity

Courtney Holm, Vice President of Sustainable Futures at Capgemini Invent

An influential and passionate sustainability executive, Courtney Holm spearheads fundamental change, enables sustainable choices, addresses geopolitical and critical issues, and transforms consumer preference in her role as Vice President of Sustainable Futures at Capgemini Invent. 

Following the workshop, Holm took to the stage to deliver her keynote – Mitigation and Adaptation: The Secret to Future-Proofed Strategies.

Youtube Placeholder
Capgemini was a proud sponsor of Sustainability Live Net Zero in 2024. It was a joy working with Glen and the BizClik team to ensure that we created an impactful presence. I especially wanted to drive the message that Net Zero is not a point in time goal, but rather a vehicle to drive lasting transformation, Net Zero is forever. Courtney Holm, Vice President, Sustainable Futures at Capgemini Invent

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