Sustainability LIVE Net Zero: Key themes of the conference

More to come from Sustainability LIVE. The new conference focused on net-zero emissions; decarbonisation of energy across a number of different industries

Net-zero emissions is a staple topic across all of our Sustainability-related platforms, including events and awards, and is the main focus for the upcoming instalment of the Sustainability LIVE events series. 

With this in mind, we’re covering a number of different topics in a new fashion with four key themes that will inspire the four stages of the event. The key themes include Sustainability & ESG, EV & Energy, Climate Tech, and Supply Chain Sustainability. With this comes a comprehensive lineup of executives who will take on these important discussions. 

The Sustainability & ESG stage

Featuring corporate sustainability strategies and methods to include the workforce in the race to net-zero emissions, this stage will paint an overall picture of carbon reduction. 

  • Sustainability Strategies 
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) 
  • Net Zero & Planet 
  • Diversity & Inclusion 

The EV & Energy stage 

Ticking the electrification box, the EV & Energy theme covers all topics related to electricity distribution, vehicle charging, electric vehicle (EV) adoption, and digital technologies for managing solutions. 

  • EV & Mobility 
  • Connected Car 
  • Charging & Infrastructure
  • Renewable & Green Energy 

The Climate Technology stage 

One of the latest trends in the industry, climate tech encompasses a number of solutions for decarbonising industries. This stage will look at the latest digital trends in corporate sustainability. 

Sustainable Technology 

ESG Reporting 

Carbon Capture

Generative AI 

The Supply Chain Sustainability stage 

The topic of this decade is the supply chain and organisations are pressing forward with plans to reduce emissions and report sustainability while effectively managing their operations. 

  • Supply Chain Engagement 
  • Scope 3 Strategies 
  • Tech & AI 
  • Measurement & Reporting 
Sustainability LIVE Net Zero | 6-7 march 2024 at QEII Centre, London

Put your name alongside these net zero themes 

Sustainability LIVE Net Zero is committed to sharing the relevant insights and message surrounding sustainability and emissions reduction in the corporate realm. Working with media partners helps the platform grow, allowing us to share more conferences and gain new speakers every year. 

To find out more about media partner opportunities, we’ve shared some important information on our website. Alternatively, get in touch with our marketing team to see how we can work together to share coverage of the latest corporate sustainability conference. 


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Sustainability LIVE Net Zero will be hosted live from the QEII Centre, London on the 6th and 7th of March, and streamed globally via our virtual event platform Brella. Sustainability LIVE Net Zero will delve deeper into the strategies, innovations, and collaborative efforts propelling us toward a net-zero future. The conference and exhibition gives the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and actively contribute to crafting a sustainable future. 

Following Sustainability LIVE Net Zero, viewers can also sign up for Sustainability LIVE Dubai, Singapore and New York.

Sign up to the The Global Sustainability & ESG Awards 2024, coming to London on the 10th September 2024. 


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