Sustainability LIVE Net Zero Speakers: Tech and Mobility

New speakers join the lineup as Sustainability LIVE Net Zero recruits leaders to discuss technology, mobility, and carbon reduction through innovation

Continuing with our speaker lineup, Sustainability LIVE Net Zero is proud to announce more committed individuals taking to the stage to discuss their business transformations and share their knowledge with like-minded leaders at the show. 

From innovation and sustainability stewardship to sustainable mobility, this list of speakers will play their respective roles in shaping the narrative around emissions reduction, allowing businesses to learn from companies and thought leaders in their fields. 

Building sustainable mobility into society 

Bal Ahir, Executive Director, Mobility at J.P. Morgan

Bal Ahir, Executive Director, Mobility at J.P. Morgan

Bal Ahir holds the position of Executive Director, Mobility at J.P. Morgan, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of transportation finance. His work focuses on integrating financial solutions with the evolving needs of the mobility sector, including electric vehicles and sustainable transportation technologies. Ahir's expertise in finance and his forward-thinking approach enable him to drive innovation within the industry, facilitating the transition to more sustainable and efficient transportation models. His leadership underscores J.P. Morgan's commitment to advancing mobility while addressing environmental challenges.

Susanne Bouma, Head of Partnerships and Programs at Neste

Susanne Bouma, Head of Partnerships and Programs at Neste 

As the Head of Partnerships and Programs at Neste, a global leader in renewable energy solutions, Susanne Bouma is instrumental in forging strategic alliances and overseeing initiatives that drive sustainability across industries. 

With a focus on renewable fuels and materials, she leads efforts to transition businesses towards greener practices. Bouma's work at Neste embodies her commitment to environmental stewardship, showcasing her ability to influence positive change through collaboration, innovation, and a deep understanding of the sustainability landscape.

Carbon reduction as a business strategy 

Courtney Holm, Vice President, Sustainable Futures at Capgemini Invent

Courtney Holm, Vice President, Sustainable Futures at Capgemini Invent 

Courtney Holm, Vice President for Sustainable Futures at Capgemini Invent, integrates her passions for sustainable growth into her role. 

Her career began in the 1990s with environmental science studies, evolving through literature, sociology, and pottery to understand human-nature disconnection. After working in horticulture and greenhouse management, she pursued an MBA in the UK, focusing on corporate sustainable development. At Capgemini Invent, she leverages technology for sustainable solutions, advocating for cross-sector collaboration to address environmental and social challenges.

Maninder Singh, CEO of Domo Manzeera (Center of Excellence for Sustainability)

Maninder Singh is the CEO of Domo Manzeera, renowned as the Center of Excellence for Sustainability. With a visionary approach towards environmental sustainability, Singh spearheads initiatives focused on innovative and practical solutions for sustainable living. D

Domo Manzeera emphasises research, development, and the implementation of strategies that promote eco-friendly practices across various sectors. Singh's commitment to sustainability not only drives the company's mission but also inspires a broader movement towards environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.

Michelle You, CEO and Co-Founder of Supercritical

Michelle You, CEO and Co-Founder of Supercritical

Michelle You serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of Supercritical, an enterprise built on climate change action. You’s diverse experience in technology, design, and entrepreneurship equips her with a distinctive viewpoint in the environmental field. 

The company is dedicated to crafting cutting-edge solutions aimed at reducing carbon emissions, with a particular focus on carbon removal technologies. Guided by You's direction, Supercritical is on a mission to substantially contribute to global carbon neutrality, providing effective and sustainable options for companies and individuals to counterbalance their carbon emissions.

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The Global Sustainability & ESG Awards

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