Deloitte Doubles Down on Sustainable Solutions with Gen AI

Deloitte Launches New Geospatial and AI Platform Powered by Google Earth and GenAI
Arguably the Greatest Gains to be had From Leveraging GenAI are in Tackling Climate Change and Deloitte is Accelerating Action with Google-Powered Platform

It’s fair to say that Deloitte is doubling down when it comes to Generative AI.

The leading consultancy launched a dedicated Generative AI practice in 2023 to help support clients on their latest transformational journey, and has not lost momentum.

Deloitte’s Trustworthy AI framework helps manage risks and boost confidence and trust in the rapidly evolving technology, helping develop safeguards and balance ethical priorities.

While the latest tech is essential, so are the humans to maximise the potential gains. 

That’s why Deloitte is training more than 120,000 professionals via its own AI Academy, and investing US$2 billion in learning and development.

Deloitte is embedding Gen AI capabilities across its own operations, using bespoke Large Language Models (LLMs) and chatbots to support specialised teams. 

“From adding contextual awareness and human-like decision making to launching new business models and driving tangible changes in productivity across a range of industries, Generative AI is transforming the way we work,” said Jason Girzadas, CEO, Deloitte US.

“As our clients embrace these new technologies, Deloitte’s Generative AI practice will serve to support clients in the development and deployment of new and innovative AI-fueled solutions.”

Jason Girzadas, CEO, Deloitte US

How Deloitte and Google Gen AI can Tackle Climate Change

Arguably the greatest gains to be had from the smart leveraging of Gen AI are when it comes to tackling climate change.

From Dubai to Davos, global conversations at the highest levels have heaped pressure on Gen AI’s shoulders as a potential saviour.

Deloitte is already helping organisations in the public and private sectors to create digital twins of real-world systems via its FutureScape platform.

FutureScape’s advanced analytics allows these organisations to model possible scenarios, especially when it comes to extreme weather and climate stress. 

Deloitte has since launched the less catchily titled Geospatial and AI Platform for Scenario Planning and Monitoring, which is powered by Google Earth and Gen AI technology from Vertex AI

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Deloitte Launches Geospatial and AI Platform Powered by Google Earth and GenAI

Considered a groundbreaking move, the platform is set to revolutionise sustainable decision-making and climate action. 

The consultancy says this collaboration will allow clients to take action on sustainability and climate as they work toward positive economic, social and environmental outcomes. This will assist with disaster response, infrastructure development, and urban planning when it comes to sustainable decisions. 

“At Deloitte, we are focused on accelerating sustainability, equity and shared prosperity to make an impact that matters for our clients, our people and our communities,” said Jamie Sawchuk, partner and global sustainability leader for the Alphabet Google alliance, Deloitte Canada.

“Together we are coupling Deloitte’s industry experience and sustainability insights with Google’s strengths in geospatial and Generative AI platforms, to help our clients create next-generation solutions and achieve their sustainability objectives.”

Collaboration and sharing of information is crucial for developing and deploying best practice when it comes to tackling this global issue, and FutureScape enables regional governments to share data about how climate change is impacting their communities to improve planning for the future.

Google Earth is used to create AI-enabled digital twins to generate and test scenarios that take into account sustainability, carbon efficiency, and wider quality of the life of the people living in that community.

Deloitte says it can then help inform the planning of infrastructure such as transport and utilities, population density, and other factors that impact the community.


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