Top 10 Greenest Countries

We take a look at 10 of the most green/sustainable countries

Going green is now more important than ever. Countries are responsible for their own sustainability. Being a sustainable country gives citizens a better quality of life, protects the environment and means there will be less problems regarding global warming going toward. It is important that all countries move towards going green to avoid/prevent climate change. These countries are known for their sustainable attitude towards the environment as well as their population. 

10. Netherlands


The Netherlands is a country which is pushing for sustainability. The country ranked 18th in air quality and 9th place in water sanitation. The country is home to a large amount of renewable energy providers, as well as this the country has a lot of innovations to improve sustainability, such as cycling schemes to reduce car usage, solar panel bus stations. 

9. Canada 


Canada is working on becoming more sustainable, the country is aiming to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. Canada is committed to researching sustainable living and energy solutions, as well as environmental sustainability. The country is continuously improving their social sustainability, with the decrease in poverty and push towards equality.

8. Germany 


Germany is one of the more sustainable countries in an industrial aspect. Companies in Germany are committed to their social responsibility, and reducing their carbon emissions. The country plans to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 55% in 2030. As well as this the country is introducing more renewable energy, and has a strong recycling program.

7. New Zealand 


New Zealand's parliament has passed a legislation to aim for total net zero by 2050. The country has one of the most sustainable farming systems in the world. The population of New Zealand is also committed to sustainable living, the large majority of consumers only buy sustainable products. New Zealand's public transport system has been innovated to reduce the amount of car users.

6. Denmark


Denmark is one of the more sustainable countries, they are leading in wind power, around half of the country's energy is sourced from wind turbines. The city Copenhagen in Denmark is the world's largest green city, and is planning to be completely carbon neutral by 2025. Denmark has around half of their energy supplied by renewable sources, and due to the usage and popularity of bikes across the country emissions from cars and vehicles has been reduced.

5. Finland


Sustainably in Finland is continuously being improved, the country is planning on reducing their fossil fuel by 50% within the next 10 years. As well as this the use of coal in generators has been banned. Areas of Finland such as rivers and lakes which were previously polluted have been restored. The woodland areas of Finland cover around 70% of the country and the majority of that is protected to prevent deforestation and disruption of wildlife. 

4. Japan


As a country Japan is planning to have 50% of new cars to produce zero emissions within the next 10 years, vehicles are one the causes of pollution and climate change so hybrid and electric cars can reduce this. The country’s biggest major cities are aiming to be 100% carbon emission free by 2050. The recycling system is one of the best across the world, with around 10 different categories of recyclables. 

3. Norway


Norway is one of the most sustainable countries worldwide. The country’s parliament has pledged to be entirely carbon neutral by 2030, which is 20 years earlier than most other countries' plans. Norway has one of the most efficient recycling systems, which incorporates composting. Norway predominantly uses hydroelectricity to power the country which works especially well due to the rainy climate. Due to Ocean pollution continuously increasing Norway is investing money into ocean cleaning research. 

2. Switzerland


Switzerland has one of the most sustainable waste management programs in the world, the country annually converts an average of 100,000 tons of waste into energy for the community. The country is also committed to preserving water, their wastewater plant cleans 90 million litres of water on a daily basis. By 2050 Switzerland is planning to achieve 100% renewable energy, restoring oceans by 50% and becoming carbon neutral.

1. Sweden


Sweden is by far the most sustainable country within the world. The country has the highest renewable energy usage, lowest carbon emissions, as well as this Sweden has some of the best education programs. By 2045 the country will have reduced their emissions by 85% to 100%. More than half of the energy consumption is produced by renewable sources. Sweden has also lowered their emissions through the use of electric buses, smart roads, and urban farming. Sustainability has also been achieved by the use of food banks, recycling systems, gender equality and housing for vulnerable people.



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