Diverse leadership across technology, investments, and EVs

In April 2024, we highlight some of the past job changes, cementing the importance of environmental, social and governance in business leadership

1. Oona King 

Job From: Vice President of Diversity at Snap Inc. (Owner of SnapChat)

Job To: Chief Diversity and Inclusion officer at Uber 

Oona King

“In my career spanning more than three decades and several industries, companies, and continents, Snap is the place I enjoyed most”

Uber has appointed Oona King, the former Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Snap, as its new Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer. King, with over two decades of experience in diversity and inclusion roles, has worked at major organizations such as Channel 4, YouTube, Google, and the British Parliament. 

During her tenure at Snap, King focused on improving gender and racial diversity within the company, launching initiatives like "The Black Creator Accelerator." At Uber, King aims to expand opportunities and pathways into tech, driven by her passion for civil rights. 

Joining Uber allows King to develop further opportunities for teams that work to deliver an exceptional service that also enables greater mobility to the masses. She was drawn to Uber because of its commitment to civil rights, which the company shares as a key social component of its sustainability strategy. King also has a crucial role of reinstating the importance of diversity and inclusion in the team due to previous negative response to Uber’s previous CDIO.

2. Raman Venkatesh 

Job From: Strategic Advisor at Tau Ventures 

Job To: Chief Sustainability Officer at Medtronic

Raman Venkatesh

Venkatesh has been appointed as the first Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) of Medtronic, a global leader in healthcare technology with a revenue of over US$30bn and 95,000 employees. 

This strategic move aligns with Medtronic's significant sustainability achievements and future goals amid increasing global reporting regulations. Despite already achieving a 35% reduction in GHG emissions intensity and a 6% reduction in energy consumption, Medtronic aims for more ambitious targets, including a 50% GHG reduction by FY25, 20% lower energy consumption, 50% energy from renewable sources by the same year, carbon neutrality by FY30, and net zero emissions by 2045.

3. Melanie Lane

Job From: Chief Executive Officer of Shell Recharge Solutions 

Job To: Chief Executive Officer of Pod Point

Melanie Lane

Having led the standalone subsidiary of Shell, known as Shell Recharge Solutions, Lane will move to Pod Point in May 2024 to succeed the interim CEO Andy Palmer. Prior to Shell Recharge, Lane led successful programmes for Shell Aviation and its retail units, delivering operational improvements.

4. Alicia Forry 

Job From: Consumer Analyst & Head of UK Equity ESG Product & Deputy Head of Research at Investec

Job To: Head of ESG, Alternative Investments at Investec

Alicia Forry

Forry is also a member of Investec’s Sustainable Business Forum set up to coordinate net zero transition among clients. In her new role, she will continue to provide her expertise in ESG, which has already been leveraged to support more than 1,500 corporations and investors.

5. Scott Lebovitz

Job From: Partner at Goldman Sachs 

Job To: Partner and Head of Infrastructure for TPG Rise Climate (TPG)

Scott Lebovitz

TPG appointed Lebovitz as Partner and Head of Infrastructure for its climate investing platform, TPG Rise Climate. Lebovitz, with over 25 years at Goldman Sachs, brings extensive experience in infrastructure investing. His role will enhance TPG Rise Climate's infrastructure and real assets capabilities, aiming for impactful climate solutions investment globally

6. Sophie Graham 

Job From: Global Sustainability (ESG) Director at IFS

Job To: Chief Sustainability Officer at IFS

Sophie Graham

While she has served with IF for over three years now, Graham’s expertise stems from way back as she has focused on responsible business practices in a number of her roles within Fujitsu, Bank of Tokyo, IUCN, and Santander. As of 2024, she took the helm at IFS as its overall leader of its sustainability implementations.


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