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At Sustainability LIVE New York 2023, Michelle Li, Ali Nora Pellegrino, Jarian Kerekes, and Emily Ewell discuss climate literacy and what it actually means

At Sustainability LIVE New York 2023, we hosted the carbon reduction forum: Engaging employees and customers on carbon literacy with Michelle Li, Founder of clever carbon, Ali Nora Pellegrino, Sustainability Manager, Americas at adm Group Ltd, Jarian Kerekes, President, Equitable Foundation at Equitable and Emily Ewell, CEO & Co-Founder of Pantys.

The Carbon Reduction Forum: Engaging employees and customers on carbon literacy and climate action

Sustainability MagazineFeedspot’s number-one ESG magazine, hosts a number of in-person and virtual events throughout the year, welcoming the world’s most influential sustainability leaders to the stage to discuss some of today’s most pressing topics. 

On 19th April 2023, the first-ever Sustainability LIVE New York was held, where thousands of delegates tuned in virtually from across the globe. 

During this panel, Michelle Li, Nora Pellegrino, Jarian Kerekes and Emily Ewell come together to discuss climate literacy and subsequently climate action. 

After a brief introduction, the panel move to discuss what climate literacy means to them. Li begins, by stating: “I think of climate literacy as gaining an understanding of the Earth's climate systems and then developing a sense of how to assess whether the information that you read and hear about this subject is credible or not.

“Then, by pulling out the credible information, you learn to make decisions that ideally, positively impact the climate.”

Ewell then inputs: “I think the biggest example for carbon literacy that we brought to market as a product – as a leader of a product-based company – is our carbon label.” She continues to explain that this is a particular success as Pantys was the first lingerie brand globally to launch carbon labels and to label all of products in Brazil.

Tune in to hear more about the panel’s thoughts on developing green design tools, leadership strategies and much more. 

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