Capgemini and AWS Offer Generative AI for Sustainability

Sharing the Power of Technology for Sustainability within Multiple Industries, Capgemini and AWS Partner to Unlock Enterprise Benefits of Generative AI

Digital technology is crucial in the making of a sustainable economy. Not only are organisations more inclined to focus on digital transformation that makes commercial sense, but competition isn’t the only driver. 

Businesses looking to implement digital solutions from a sustainability lens can also benefit from technology implementation—generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) being the latest on their lips. 

Addressing this trend are Capgemini and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the partner to ensure better use of investment for enterprise IT and other solutions. Through a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement, these two Global 2000 organisations are keen to support businesses in the successful direction of investment. 

What this means from a corporate perspective can best be explained by the organisations themselves. Jerome Simeon, Head of Global Industries and Group Executive Board Member at Capgemini, says: “With generative AI presenting new opportunities to accelerate innovation, it’s imperative for clients to be able to scale their AI implementations quickly to drive tangible value, optimise investments, and meet the specific needs of their own industry.” 

While data is key to commercial growth efforts in a rapidly changing environment, it’s also an imperative for businesses looking to narrow their approaches to environmental impact, and we see industry-tailored solutions are beneficial in helping meet specific goals based on the parameters in which they operate. Ultimately, to streamline production efforts means to generate more scalability, which is crucial also for a sustainable digital economy. 

“Capgemini’s deep expertise in data and AI and strong portfolio tailored for industries, together with AWS’s proven methodologies and technologies that help organisations scale their transition to the cloud, will enable joint clients to move from pilot to production at extreme scale, while also helping them optimise their investments and address their sustainability goals,” says Simeon. 

Cloud and Data Make for Streamlined Sustainability Efforts 

Accelerating cloud adoption shows great promise for a more sustainable future, particularly as an enabler, for example, in energy organisations looking to shift from fossil fuels and deliver managed, renewable services. Moreover, data is crucial for organisations outside of the sector to understand their impact on the world through energy efficiency. Generative AI is on the minds of businesses as a solution for managing the use of data and streamlining the response to KPIs. 

Collaboration with AWS will, as Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Data and AI, explains, help businesses scale Gen AI applications securely and efficiently.

“This expanded partnership with Capgemini will further democratise access to generative AI by empowering organisations to leverage AWS’s industry-leading models and capabilities, like Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Q, to ignite innovation and transform their business,” says Sivasubramanian. 

Economic Growth is Sustainability 

The conversation seems to be changing slightly. As organisations look to implement more sustainable initiatives—to be driven by legislation changes—they begin to see that corporate success is crucial in a socially responsible economy. Economic prosperity is a key part of the term ‘sustainability’ making it a focal point for businesses, and sustainability can often seem like a complex burden. 

Nevertheless, the adoption of Gen AI will highlight to companies that sustainability data and reporting can be simplified to allow increased focus on the commercial viability of environmentally conscious strategies.  

Industry perspective: Aviation/Aerospace

Capgemini’s collaboration with AWS shows great promise for the aerospace industry as a means of lifecycle optimisation for aerospace. Infusing AI into the industry brings a customisable solutions for analysing parts to assist in curating inventory and promoting circular economy through automated inspection

A further combined effort was announced at the International Paris Air Show in 2023, which is the Lifecycle Optimization for Aerospace solution that focuses on extending the lifespan of aircraft parts through innovative strategies. 

The platform automates the inspection process and enhances lifecycle analysis of aircraft parts, guiding decisions to prolong their use. It also supports the adoption of circular economy practices, managing end-of-life aircraft components effectively, and optimising their reuse. This approach not only improves sustainability but also drives innovation in maintenance and operational efficiency. 


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