Google Gemini AI applications in sustainable operations

Credit: Getty | Google DeepMind's Gemini AI could be applied to sustainability operations
The latest AI from Google DeepMInd, Gemini will bring intuitive capabilities to businesses in 2024, but how could this make companies more sustainable?

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, reshaping the way that organisations do business, cloud services and shared workspaces adapted to the changing environment with the future of collaboration in mind. 

From Google Workspace—the primary digital suite of tools for a number of organisations today—to artificial intelligence (AI) driven Google Cloud’s services have undergone a significant level of adaptation to meet the needs of digital businesses. 

Alongside this we see major benefits in terms of sustainability, not only in terms of remote-working capabilities but also powering efficiencies: reduced energy consumption from Google’s data centres and tools to help firms manage their own electricity usage (among a myriad of other climate technology projects underway right now). 

Now the big tech company introduces its latest AI into the mix. Gemini, an advanced multimodal model developed by Google DeepMind is a major leap forward in text, code, image, audio and video integration. The latest model provides more sophisticated reasoning, making it a useful tool for complex written information and visual assets, which will change the game for businesses in terms of productivity and gaining a much deeper understanding of various commercial operations.

Applying Google’s Gemini for sustainability 

While we haven’t seen any sustainability-specific updates from the company, there are a number of areas where generative AI (GenAI) will support industries to reduce their environmental impacts. 

Data analysis and generating valuable insights

With more data produced by the second, AI is the tool required by many teams when it comes to analysing large datasets and identifying trends—informing future strategy updates. While no indication has been given as to whether this will integrate the latest environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting mechanisms, we can certainly see this taking shape in 2024 with more emphasis on simplifying sustainability scores and actions. 

Improving sustainable decision-making

Informed by rapid analysis of data, AI will prove invaluable in decision-making as organisations can integrate this into their processes, ensuring they have access to the most up-to-date information. Google has already shown great promise for enhanced decision-making through its climate technology applications for flood warnings, predicting natural disasters, and managing road networks. 

Optimising supply chains 

Much like Google’s ability to predict the impacts of traffic on the roads—from a physical and environmental efficiency standpoint—these kinds of functions will be better informed by AI to share the most cost-effective routes with minimal impact on the planet. Enhanced understanding of data in various forms will also be invaluable to organisations that deal with a number of stakeholders, including suppliers and customers, with different ways of working when it comes to sustainability measurement and analysis. 

Automating compliance and reporting

Compliance is a key conversation among leaders in 2023. In the new year, organisations will continue to develop their strategies for reporting on sustainability metrics while simplifying the process to embed this into their operations.


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