Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero – Capgemini Invent VP Keynote

Taking to the stage at Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero, Courtney Holm, Capgemini Invent VP, delivers a keynote on future-proofing strategies

Following Adam Karnama’s keynote discussing the essential role of energy traceability on Day 1 of Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero, Courtney Holm, Vice President of Sustainable Futures, Capgemini Invent explores Mitigation and Adaptation: The Secret to Future-Proofed Strategies.

The urgency of climate adaption

Beginning with the introduction of climate adaptation and its importance, Courtney defines the approach as changing human systems to prepare for evolving climate risks.

"Thank you so much for joining me today. I am really delighted to be speaking to you about climate adaptation and why it's so important that we talk about climate adaptation alongside our mitigation strategies,” says Courtney. 

Advocating for cross-sector collaboration and systemic mechanisms to address climate risks, she emphasises the social side of climate risks and the importance of having a lasting impact.

"Understanding and preparing for the effects of climate change to society is critical and I believe we all know that the clock is ticking and we have an obligation to act now," she says.

Courtney Holm, Vice President of Sustainable Futures, Capgemini Invent

The impact on business operations

Turning the conversation to how climate change affects business operations, supply chains and sustainability strategies, Courtney highlights the potential threat to business continuity and financial risks. 

She also explores the impact climate change has on workers – particularly in agriculture and textiles. On this subject, Courtney discusses the potential reduction in productivity due to extreme temperatures and highlights the need for a human rights-based approach to addressing climate risks.

"This comprehensive understanding will help with making decisions around synergies and trade-offs because there's always a positive and a negative to every decision that's being made."

Tools and solutions for climate adaptation

Introducing the need for tools and data sets to future-proof sustainability strategies, Courtney discusses the importance of scenario planning and monitoring, as well as the role of communication strategies and anti-greenwashing measures. 

"Technology is going to play a critical role in helping us mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The level of investment that's going into technology is astonishing and that's fantastic [but] technology can be both a force for good and a force for bad, so we need to be mindful of the way that it's implemented. We need to ensure that the technology that we're investing in is both appropriate and equitable."

Courtney Holm, Vice President of Sustainable Futures, Capgemini Invent

Workshop: Climate Change Adaptation and Social Sustainability, the Human Side of Climate Change

Courtney Holm was also one of three moderators of Capgemini Invent’s intimate – invite-only – workshop on how changing and adapting our human systems can help industry prepare for evolving climate risks, future-proofing not only businesses, but people, communities and countries. 

To find out more about the workshop, click here.

Capgemini Invent Workshop Activity


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